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Outsourcing Benefits

Why outsource medical billing services?

Medical providers who outsource medical billing services to specialized companies can significantly reduce administrative burdens, allowing them to focus more on patient care. This strategic shift not only generates additional revenue by optimizing claim submissions and minimizing denials but also cuts operational costs by reducing the need for in-house billing staff and infrastructure. Furthermore, it saves valuable time, enabling healthcare professionals to allocate more resources to improve patient services and satisfaction, ultimately leading to a more successful and sustainable medical practice.
Secure Billing Partnership

How do I choose a medical billing company?

Selecting a medical billing company is about finding a reliable ally for your practice and transparency is key. You want a billing partner that communicates openly and provides detailed insights into your finances. It’s also vital to have a partner that not only sends out bills efficiently while minimizing errors—this will keep your income steady and growing. Aim for a team that excels in billing accuracy and is well-versed in your area of healthcare. Lastly, make sure they’re fully compliant with all healthcare regulations to protect your practice and your patients’ data. A well-chosen billing partner can significantly ease your workload, allowing you to focus more on patient care.
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How To Get Medical Billing Quotes?

Submit Your Request

Use our website to submit a request for medical billing quotes. We just need a few details about your practice to get you connected. It's easy to search and find top-rated billing companies.

Connect with Billing Companies

We'll connect you with top-rated billing companies that support practices like yours. Get in touch with them to receive a quote and get more information. Our billing experts are always happy to hear from you!

Select a Billing Partner

Weigh your options and consider factors like their expertise, pricing, the services they offer, and the terms of their agreement. Finally, choose the medical billing partner that best suits your practice’s goals and needs.

Customized Billing Rates

What percentage do most medical billing companies charge?

The percentage that medical billing companies charge typically depends on the provider’s revenue, meaning it can vary quite a bit from one practice to another and across different specialties. Generally, you might see rates starting as low as 2.95%, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all deal. Since the percentage is tailored to your specific practice’s revenue and needs, the best move is to have a direct chat with the billing company we match you with. Get in touch with our team to receive quotes from top billing companies in your specialty.
Specialized Billing Expertise

Which is the best medical billing company for my specialty?

Many providers want a partner that has deep experience in their specific field, meaning a team that is fluent in their specialty’s unique codes, procedures, and terminology. Moreover, it’s important to recognize that the billing process can differ significantly from one medical specialty to another. Factors like the frequency of patient visits, common procedures, and even the typical cost of services can vary widely, affecting how billing is managed. Therefore, choosing a billing company that’s not just familiar, but also proficient in navigating these nuances in your specialty can make a substantial difference.
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How Our Medical Billing Companies Compare?

National Medical Billing Services

We have top medical billing companies that serve clients all over the nation.

Top Medical Billing Companies

We only partner with top-rated medical billing companies that have a proven track record of success.

Experienced Medical Billing Consultants

You’ll be connected with medical billing experts that have hands-on experience growing revenue for healthcare practices like yours.

Experts in Any Specialty

Our medical billing companies have expertise in all types of practices and specialties.

Software Agnostic

Many of our billing companies are software agnostic! They can work with any electronic health record (ehr) system you have.

Additional Services

Our medical billing practices have not only billing experts that will help improve your RCM but they also have experts who can help you with your credentialing, contracting, HIPAA Compliance, and much more!


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